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A New Home for The International Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Please show your support by signing our online petition, and in any other way you can, so that the sights and sounds of the glorious achievements of gospel music will be accessible to all.

There are wonderful treasures housed at the International Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Detroit, Michigan — boxes of rare sheet music, choir robes, priceless recordings, photos and other fascinating memorabilia. These precious items have been donated by gospel artists and enthusiasts over the years, and we’re preserving them with care. But we can only display a fraction of our amazing, inspiring collections because we just don’t have the floor space.

What’s happening now is a petition drive to urge Detroit city officials to support plans for a new International Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The 65,000-square-foot facility will showcase the history of gospel music from its earliest roots to the gospel stars of today. Plans include interactive exhibits, audio and visual galleries, portraits of Hall of Fame inductees, a performance hall and educational programs

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